Vaknin/Rubin Wedding – Gainesville, Florida

So I guess I will call this the not so small sneak peak! 🙂

The first time I met Amy & Dani, Dani asked me if I had ever photographed a groomsmen tossing an onion ring onto the tongue of the groom……from there on out I knew Amy & Dani were not going to be your typical bride and groom!

Amy & Dani celebrated their wedding on a gorgeous day in Gainesville, FL, a few weeks ago.

Their wedding was absolutely magical. The love that two of them have for each other was contagious and they truly had a special day.

The bridal party was all decked out in colors of the rainbow, the tables were decorated with elements of nature, and Amy & Dani had smiles on their face all day.


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Mazel Tov Amy & Dani.
I hope you always, always, always Celebrate Love.

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